Can you import raster images into Glyphs?

Generally, I like to draw my letters out on paper, then scan and trace directly over the raster image with the vector tools. Can you “place” raster images to use as faded background guides in Glyphs? I’ve watched the tutorial on “digitizing” fonts but I’m not sure if the method shown will work for me very well. I’m used to working more closely with a scanned sketch.

Since Glyphs has a more accurate pen tool/bezier curves, I’d like to just work in Glyphs and skip the Illustrator workflow, but I feel like I need to be able to use Illustrator’s raster image capability in order to work effectively.


In the full version of Glyphs, Glyph>Add Image is what you want.

Got it! Awesome, thanks.

Or just drag them in the edit view.

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I’m also used to draw letterforms first on paper and found this post helpful. I’m just wondering if it’s possible to copy a selection made with the lasso tool in Photoshop and then to paste that into Glyphs?

That is not possible.


Honestly speaking, this would be a great feature because it could keep you from saving a file for each letter you want to draw.

The problem is that the glyphs file format needs the file to be saved as an image file somewhere on disk. I see what I can do.
Edit; This was actually much easier than I thought :wink:


Amazing Georg, only just realised the copy/paste feature from photoshop had been enabled! :+1:

Is importing raster images for tracing supported in Glyphs Mini 2? I’ve just (finally) upgraded to Adobe CC from CS (Adobe CS6) and I may need to upgrade my Glyphs Mini as well to 3 as I’ve also upgraded my MacOS in the process. I’m not such a power user that the full upgrade to Glyphs full version is worthwhile although I am tempted by the variable fonts support that I won’t get in any version of Mini.

I just tried, and it works for me in Mini 2.1.4 (113); does it not work for you?

It works. Thanks!