Cancledcancledcancled error messages


Not sure I need so many error messages when exporting fonts, especially since it is actually generating and saving them.




Can you send me that font?


Uh, I’ve fixed it now. I had one glyph with different anchors in each master, and one glyph with missing outlines in one master.


Ha. The error messages could be a little subtler anyway. :slight_smile:


Heheh, yes. I think it was popping up an error for each instance in the first attempt, and I don’t know where cancledcancledcancled came from, I couldn’t get that to appear again.


Can you send me the “broken” file. I can’t reproduce the multiple error dialogs.


Sorry no, I mean I’ve fixed the problem and don’t have the broken version any more.


@Bendy Did you run Glyphs on Windows XP? :rofl:


Still getting this bug I’m afraid, version 1240.