Cannot delete stubborn path / anchor points

Screen capture of stubborn path which will not delete:

I’m using Glyphs to do some lettering. Unfortunately, I’m running into a weird problem that I can’t remember ever having had before (even though I’ve made a couple of typefaces in Glyphs so far). It seems simple, but it’s got me stumped.

I have a pathway which simply will not delete. I’ve selected it, and pressed “Delete,” and held “Option” will pressing “Delete.” But to no avail. Even though it appears to be a single pathway, it is actually somehow a closed shape:

Could this be somehow affecting it? I think it’s happened with what appeared to be a single anchor point, as well, in this particular file.

The only difference I can think of in this Glyphs file is that I’ve set the UPM really high (20,000) so that I can have very precise control over my bezier curves. Not sure if that could be causing the trouble.

Thanks for any help!

I’ve run into this problem from time to time and quitting/restarting Glyphs always solves it.

Yeah, this happens to me once a week or so. Just have restart.

can you try to remember what you did before this happens? And what version of Glyphs do you have?

Ah, yup! Ha, quitting and restarting Glyphs did the trick.

Hmm, usually, I think the error is preceded by copying/pasting a path to duplicate it and use it in another position. I think I might be running into the issue more in lettering work than in font design because lettering has so many repeated elements in just one glyph space.

I’m on Glyphs Version 1.4.4 (611)

I've been trying to nail this one down for at least a year but there's nothing consistent about it. Sometimes it happens ten times in an hour. Sometimes it doesn't happen for a month.

Maddening! What a strange little bug to try to tease out. Well, yes, this was my first encounter of it that I can remember, so I must not have gotten it much before. If you like, I can send you an email of the file.

Thanks @DTF and @kylewaynebenson for the help!

Can you still not delete it, not even after a restart?

Nope, restarting fixed the problem. :slight_smile: Just wanted to find out if you’d be able to debug better with the file.

I have a suspicion what the problem is. But but don’t know what causing it. There should be a specific operation that causes it. Remove overlap, RMX or any other filter or script. So if you could pay attention what you did with that glyphs and try to reproduce it would help a lot.

Encountered this problem twice in one sitting in Glyphs 2. I link to a screencast below. I select the path, then hit Command + J to copy to background. Re-select the path by double clicking, hit delete, and it generates a random new closed path, which is part of the original shape. Then I double click to select that path and hit delete, nothing happens. I hit Command + A to select all on layer and hit delete, nothing happens. I click-drag a selection around the shape and hit delete, nothing happens. The problem does seem to go away when I restart Glyphs, but it reappears arbitrarily.

What usually helps is to quickly insert another closed path, like a rectangle, then delete it again.