Cannot open Glyphs Apps

I have downloaded Glyhs3 and Glyphs Mini 2 from this page:

However, I cannot open the apps. I have a MacBook, version. OS 10.15.07.
It says on the website: OS 10.11 or above required, runs in free trial mode for 30 days.

Do you know what could be wrong? Thanks!

Try this:

  • move the app in the Applications folder
  • right click on the app icon to open its context menu, and choose Open
  • confirm the security dialog that will pop up

When I choose open, there’s not security dialog that pops up. The icon just keep ‘jumping’ in the dock, and then it stops after some time… but nothing shows up.

Can you remove the apps and download it again?
But as both apps don’t work, there seems to be an issue with you system. What browser do you use?

I tried to remove them again and re-download.
I downloaded them from Google Chrome.

Can you try to download them with Safari?

And what app do you use to decompress the .zip?