Can't access all glyphs in CorelDraw X7

A customer has just informed me that she cannot access all the glyphs in my font in CorelDraw X7 - more specifically the swashes. She can access and use everything in Adobe products, but not Corel. From the Corel forums, it seems like this may be a naming issue??
Is there a way I can fix this without compromising the Adobe compatibility?

If you named your swash glyphs with a .swsh suffix and had Glyph autobuild the swsh feature for you, I assume it is a Corel problem, and there is not much Glyphs can do. Perhaps CorelDraw simply does not support the swash feature. If you want to “fix” this by putting a hack in your font, you could repeat the swsh feature code in a feature that CorelDraw supports.

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We have same problem. My .otf can use everything in Adobe products, but not Coreldraw too. All opentype features is not available in there. I’m still curious and still trying with my coreldraw until i found this panel. The features i have in glyphs app is .ss01, .ss02, etc format.

In this image i try to change the letter of “l.” It works but corel has says, this feature is not available for the selected font.

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This could be a cache problem, I would try an export with a different family name. Perhaps CorelDraw requires a TTF rather than a CFF?

OpenType support in CorelDRAW X6

I fixed this by following mekkablue’s instruction. Make sure you go into the FONT INFO menu into FEATURES and make sure you have pressed the “circle arrow” in the lower left corner. That will auto-build the features for you. It is not enough only to name the glyph .ss01, you have to do the activation for Corel or AI to read it.

It can be confusing because you can see all your glyphs in Adobe if you just name them .ss01, but the feature is not active until you press that button.

I’m always do that. Do you have ss01, ss02 or ss03 on your font? Is it work in corel?