Can't cut 45° with knife tool

OS X 10.10.5, Glyphs Version 2.2.2 (824)

do you mean you like snapping at 45° or that it is not cutting if you try to cut at that angel?

It just wont snap into the 45° angle when I press shift like it used to while having the knife tool on.

There was never any 45 degree snapping.

mhm maybe there could be custom parameters of different angles beyond the normal ones that can be used for the snapping … since its based on the font how u may want to cut of terminal endings at specific angles it maybe be useful?

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Would be quite useful, indeed.

Right now I always measure the angle before each cut.

Georg, how is that secret feature developing? That sounds like the solution here.

I do this:

  1. just cut any old way
  2. move one of the two nodes into a desired position
  3. move a prepared (global) guideline onto the node
  4. snap the other node onto the guideline

But honestly, I need this very, very rarely. I use corner and cap components for recreating certain structures. I would like to see the situation where precise angle-cutting is necessary. Can someone send me a case?