Can't edit designer string in GSFont

For some reason, I’m having trouble editing the designer string in GSFont. The value gets modified correctly, I can see that if I print the value with “print(Glyphs.font.copyright)” after I run the code I get the right value, but I can’t see it in Glyphs Info window.

I noticed that Glyphs 3 uses a localization tag for the Designer string, but there is no mention of this in Glyphs API documentation. So my question is if there was a change in how this value should be modified, or there is just a bug in G3.

I’m sorry for the not so user-friendly code, it was written just for testing purposes.

			if thisFont:
				if setNameTable:
					# Sets NameTable values
					thisFont.familyName = 'Testing Testing'
					thisFont.upm = 1000
					thisYear = time.gmtime()[0]
					thisDesigner = thisFont.designer
					thisFont.copyright = 'Copyright © by Typo305 and %s - %s;\n' %(thisDesigner, thisYear)
					print ('copyright was set')

Thank you!

The property are not really well supported in the python wrapper. We are working on it.

The latest cutting edge version improves on that a bit already but I just found that is was still broken. I’ll fix it.

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