Can't export complex font

I’ve created a typeface with a clean version, and a grunge version. I’ve looked at a number of the forum topics previously posted, but haven’t found a solution. I’ve disabled Subroutines using a custom parameter for the “grunge” instance and that doesn’t seem to help. I’ve also unchecked “remove overlap” in the export because I am also getting error messages from that being checked. Are there any further steps I can take? I’ve created a typeface using Glyphs in the past that had 4 grunge versions similar to this font. This is just one font. Currently running the latest version (aside from the new beta anyway).

It does. You must disable subroutines for OTF/CFF export.

Have you read this:

There are some limits a CFF font can take in terms of number of small curves. Pay special attention to that. There are plug-ins that can help you get rid of the very smallest paths. Or straighten out small curves, and delete very small segments.

I read through a lot of it, but hadn’t tried the roughen filter. I tried that and it allows for an export! Thanks! Currently it’s pretty choppy looking (and I realize that’s partly the point), but I will play with it some more and see if I can get a nicer looking result. Obviously there will be some sacrifice in detail for usability, but still good to know I have options as opposed to redoing the whole thing. There isn’t anything like the median tool is there? In photoshop the median tool softens all the sharp corners, while simplifying the shape even more. That would probably be the best solution if that’s an option. Simplifying the grunge without choppiness. I will attach how it looks after roughening, and then how that looks when I apply “median” in Photoshop.

Update, I’ve adjusted the roughen settings to a point that I’m comfortable with. Thanks!

If you after the printed, rough look, you could try to make a color/image font with the original scans. That will not scale as well but will produce much more convincing results. Photoshop, Illustrator and most web browsers do support color/image fonts right now.