Can't export from G2

I get a hard freeze of G2 when trying to export to OTF or TTF. The exporting dialog appears and then I get a beach ball and have to hard-quit Glyphs.

I was designing this typeface in G3, but went back to G2 because nothing I export from G3 is usable on Windows.

After moving back to G2, it seemed to be OK and exported once, and then never again. I made sure to set the file format as Glyphs 2, as well.

I’m on an M1 MacBook Air on macOS 11.3.1.

Tried this again with a different typeface altogether with the same result.

Opened the .glyphs files in FontLab 7 and exported fine. :expressionless:

Edit: I’ll try exporting from G2 on an older machine running Mavericks when time allows. I may have better luck.

Can you start Glyphs 2 without plugin by holding down the Option + Shift key?

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Thanks Georg. Doing so does allow the export to complete. But I’ve been using Show Distance and Angle + Speed Punk for ages with no problems.

I noticed that after one of these crashes, Glyphs 2’s Plugin Manager would be blank. Totally empty, whether I had “All” or “Installed” selected. I had to go into Library/Application Support/Glyphs and delete everything in the Plugins and Repositories folders to get the Plugin Manager to work again.

After doing that and re-installing either of the two plugins, Glyphs 2 will again cease to export.

Without any plugins installed, Glyphs 2 will now export, even without holding down Option + Shift at launch. But it’s a shame to not have those.

I’ll try my older workstation today as well. Thanks for looking at this!

Exports fine from Glyphs 2 on macOS 10.9 Mavericks, with plugins enabled.

The plugins don’t cause a problem for me. Can you send me the .glyphs file?

I would be happy to, but it seems to be any export from G2 (with plugins enabled) at all, not a specific .glyphs file. I tried it with a few different files and get the same results:

Any plugins installed: beach ball
No plugins: works

Might it have something to do with G3 being concurrently installed on the same machine? Or something with the M1 Mac/Big Sur? Because the exports work fine on my older 10.9 machine. Maybe I need to try a fresh installation.

I reinstalled G2, and it happened to be an older version I had on hand, Version 2.6.7 (1356). It works just fine, with plugins installed and active.