Can't export Variable Font!

I have a variable typeface with 6 masters and 2 axis (weight/optical size) +1000 glyphs, etc…

Here is a screenshot for you to see how it works:

When I export as VF the following message appears:
“Incompatible outlines. This can be caused by outside transparent overlaps.”

If I errase every component, then it will export. It appears that Glyphs cannot export components that have overlapping nodes in the original glyph. But in this particular case I need that to happen. I don’t know what to do!!! :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Thanks for the help in advance,

Can you send me that file?

Hello. Yes, this is quite an annoying recurring issue – components that overlap will be decomposed on export, meaning double nodes or open corners get deleted/closed. You will need to decompose the component in order to export it in a variable font.

Overlapping components are not decomposed per default. There are some reasons for decomposition, if the setup can’t be exported.

Just sent it Georg, thanks for having a look! :raised_hands:

Thanks for the file. The problem is the combination of bracket layers and smart component settings. I’ll see what I can do. At least that is the case on the five.lf and five.numr.

If I erase the bracket layer glyphs it still gives me some problems.

I tried erasing every smart component and exporting works. The problem seems to be when components with overlapping nodes, and/or smart components have extrapolation values?

I had a look at the other problematic glyphs.

the registered uses a component with smart settings to the R. The smart settings seem extrapolate a bit and cause a self overlap on the top left serif in the Black Display master.

You can see it when you decompose the component in the registered

That outside corner is removed in the export process, removing a node.

I’m playing around with this and added a threshold to allow tiny outside overlaps. But that probably will cause more troubles than it solves. What I would suggest is to have a two unit line instead of the sharp ending.

Thanks Georg for taking the time to review the file!
I’ll try that :slight_smile:

I still need to have a look at the combination of alternate layers and smart settings. And the onesuperior has another issue. So we are getting closer to make this file work.

Hey Georg,

I managed to export the font! Thanks for the help :raised_hands:

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