Can't find good documentation about hangul composition group

Hi, I just bought glyphs trying to make a hangul(korean) font by myself.
The only hangul tutorial in this site says:

Lucky for us, Glyphs includes advanced features for the creation of Hangeul syllables. The Hangeul Composition engine allows you to collect glyph variants in groups, establish rules to determine which Jamo should be used where. Once done, the engine will automatically manage the entire database of syllables for you! But that is for our next Korean tutorial.

but I cannot find any documentation explaining about this way of grouping hangul variants, nor the next Korean tutorial even after 2 years.
After thorough searching, I did find out that I can set “Hangul Composition Groups” as custom parameters in font info section, but then again, there is no documentation about that either that I can get my hands on.

Am I missing something? I can see this application have a lot of neat features here and there, all I can hope is a good documentation. Could anyone give me some help?


You are right, we have never found the opportunity for the follow-up tutorial. I will ask @hmj1031.


I am desperately waiting for the follow-up as well. A documentation for the „Hangeul Composition engine“ would save my day and would be very greatly appreciated!!!

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Working on it. Will have something next week.

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Is it out yet? l’ve been coming here every now and then after your last reply for about four weeks but cannot find any new tutorial. If it’s out already, could you tell me where it is?

No, sorry, been caught up too much. I can send you something in DM.

Sure, that would be very much appreciated.
And as a developer myself, I understand if you were caught up. I was just wondering if i’m the only one who cannot find the uploaded tutorial.

Just checked back here as well. If you have something you could send me via DM as well, it would be greatly appreciated. But if you plan to put it up in the days or so, I can wait… :wink:

Is there any news on the „Hangeul Composition engine“? Would be very much appreciated.