Can't import .glyphs file into FL

I’m trying to import .glyphs files into FL, running OS 10.6.8, FL 5.0.4, with Python 2.7 installed, plus the Glyphs macro. Each time I try, I get this:

ImportError: No module named Foundation.

Exporting to Glyphs from FL works fine, fwiw. What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks,


The import script requires FontLab version 5.1 and higher.

Thanks, Georg. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get my FL 5.1 (running on a different machine, running OS 10.8.4) even to display the import & export commands. I assume I must not have Robofab properly installed. Can you please point me at the correct version of Robofab to support these exports/imports in FL 5.1–if possible a page that includes instructions for downloading? Googling this brings up a mess of contradictory downloads and instructions, and I’ve followed several without success.

You do not need robofab. If the commands do not show up, you have tot installed them in the right place. They changed the path for the macros a bit.

I’ve put them here, Georg:

Desktop/maxphillips/Library/Application Support/Fontlab/Studio 5/Macros/Glyphs

If that’s wrong, could you tell me what’s right? I’d really appreciate it.

Or should I go to the FontLab forum for this?