Can't install modules properly

I’m on a fresh install of Mac OS 10.14.6 with Glyphs 2.6.2 (1264). This is running Python 2.7.16 through pyenv (but had the same problem with the system Python before).

When I try to install the modules through the Addons menu, it downloads and installs it (the folders are visible in the Scripts folder) but a message comes up saying the library couldn’t load.

If I try to import vanilla/print vanilla as recommended in other threads, I get ImportError: cannot import name NSLayoutAttributeLastBaseline. Same thing if I delete all 3 folders, download and install vanilla manually and restart Glyphs.

I’m not sure what’s going wrong here.

It seems that vanilla is not compatible with python 2.7 any more, or a similar issue. This error message was reported before but I didn’t had time to look into this.

Reverting to an old vanilla seems to work. Specifically this version:

The other commits assume a newer version of PyObjC it seems. Even by installing PyObjC manually, it seems Glyphs still loads a very old version (2.x). Is that intended?

Glyphs alway only uses the system python.
I send a pull request to the vanilla repo to fix the issue. Hopefully it will go through, soon.

This is fixed now. Please install the modules again.

I’ve re-installed everything through the app and it’s now working smoothly. Thank you!

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I’m seeing this in 10.14.6—Install Modules gives me the same error. In the terminal, python --version reports 2.7.17.

Which app version are you using?

What error exactly?

I’m getting:

The modules could not be installed
Could not load the modules.

in 2.6.4 (1286). I hope this helps!

That may new fixed already. Try the latest beta please. Go to Glyphs > Preferences > Updates, activate both checkboxes and press the Update button.

Can you check the Script folder. Can you delete it and try again?

Okay, updating to the beta fixed the problem!

I recently upgraded my OS 12.3.
I used to work with glyphs 2.6.4 but when I tried to open it with my new OS it gave me an error and wouldn’t let me open it. So I downloaded the latest update of glyphs 2.6.7, it opens without problem, but it doesn’t allow me to install the Vanilla or Robofab modules and I think consequently it doesn’t allow me to run any scripts.
If I look at the scripts folder I can see there are the fontTools, robofab and vanilla folders (after the installation) but I guess they are just not working.
I hope you can help me with this.

Read this please:

I’ve just upgraded to an M1 Mac and this solution got the plugins working. Thank you so much!