Can't install Word-O-Mat but can add other plugins

Any advice for how to get this plugin? I can add other plugins but this one gives the error “Failed to clone repository from…”


Maybe some plugins are not working for me due to this error:

I don’t know how to use terminal, I did try pasting in the suggested code but no luck. I am running the python module and it’s set to 3.10.0.

Anyone know what I should do to get plugins working again? TY!

Instead of using the Terminal, open the Plugin Manger (WindowPlugin Manager), switch to the Modules section and install Python. Once Python is downloaded, relaunch Glyphs to complete the installation. Now go to the Addons preferences (GlyphsPreferences…Addons and select the Python version ending in “(Glyphs)”. Relaunch Glyphs again for the new Python version to be used.

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Thank you!