Can't make the generated font bold with command-b

I am updating a very old font that I first created with Font lab. At that time, I made two files - one each for regular and bold. It’s a working font. I can set the text to regular or bold either thorough the font menu or command-b on any Mac application.

I’m trying to add some glyphs to this font. Like to do it with GlyphsApp since my FontLab has gone a bit rusty. Imported both the weights as masters to a single Glyphs file. Generated the two weights, installed and am able to set the text to regular and bold - only though the font menu. Command-B does not make it bold (or unbold).

I have not reconciled the paths yet as I don’t need any weights in between for now. I don’t think this is causing the problem either - I can make the text regular/bold with this font through the font menu - just not Command-B.

Has anybody seen this problem? Any clues on where I can poke to see what’s happening?

Depends on the app. You need to set the style linking properly and use expectable style names: Regular and Bold and Italic and Bold Italic.

I have marked ‘This instance is the [] Bold of …’ and added my font name in the text field that follows. Is there anything more I need to do?

The style name of the default is what needs to go in there, „Regular“.

Tried that. No Change :frowning: I can set it to Bold/Regular from the font menu, but not Command-B. I’ve sent you the Glyphs file.

I received your font. All I did was set the Weight Class to 700 as well and export (with Nico Hagenburger’s Export and Install script from Plugin Manager to avoid cache issues), and it worked. Tested in TextEdit.

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Oops … I just realised that I did not change the Weight Class in the Exports! Thanks, @mekkablue

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