Can't remove overlap from stencil font


I’m creating a stencil font, created an A and removed the white bar with the pathfinder. Now I got this strange overlap from the punch, and I can’t remove it by Correcting Path Direction, neither does the pathfinder work. If I use the pathfinder it completely removes the punch. How can I get a clean white punch?

Oh and I also tried to move the anchors from the punch directly to the path from the right part of the A, but as soon as I try to move the anchor on the path with the arrow keys, the path moves away like a magnet of the same polarity.


Can you post a screenshot of your setup before you apply the mask? Meaning: the full A and the path you use to cut out the bar.

Try making your setup like this, with setting the path to “Mask”:

And then, if you want, you can click the “Subtract Path” option. But you can also just leave the path there and the export will take care of the rest.