Can't switch keyboards in the macro panel

This is strange. Not sure if somehow I disabled something or if something changed. Whenever I switch to the macro panel, my keyboard automatically switches to English and the Armenian keyboard is grayed out. Works fine everywhere else in the app.

Any idea what might be causing it?

It might be that the macro window is set up to accepts one roman input. What do you need the Armenian input for?

Was it always like that? I thought I was able to do it before…
I like testing scripts in the macro panel. For example, I am trying to generate some strings to combine the glyph in the edit view with some other glyphs in the macro panel so I need to be able to type those out.

It is like that for some time. It has change between version 3.0.4 and 3.1. Not sure why. It is a bit saver to always use roman/latin based keyboard as most other input is not good except for comments. e.g have an Armenian keyboard to use it in the Edit view and switching back and forth with the macro window would be annoying if you need to switch the keyboard each time.

I’m used to switching between keyboards in Glyphs and in general. Would it be possible to bring it back if not as default then some option to enable it?

I added an userDefault:

Glyphs.boolDefaults["GSMacroWindowAllowNoneAsciiInput"] = True

Will be in 3181.

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Շնորհակալություն :wink: