Can't type accented characters in Illustrator


I exported an .otf-font which works all fine in InDesign, but when I try to type characters like á, é, à, è etc., it doesn’t work. I’m shown these characters in Myriad, but in the glyphs window of my font, they are there… What did I do wrong?
(Btw. äöü are working.)

Thanks for your help! xx

Okay, I solved the problem myself: When I add seperated glyphs for the accents such as “acute”, “grave”, etc, it works in Illustrator :slight_smile:

That is because on a German keyboard, you type the accent key first, and AI displays the spacing mark as a placeholder until you press the key for the base character. InD is a little more forgiving in that sense because it can deal with missing glyphs better.