Can't update from Glyphs ver. 2.4.4

When I try to update, I get this info: ‘Glyphs 2.4.4 is currently the newest version available’. Why?

2.4.4 is the latest stable version.

To update to the latest “cutting edge” beta version 2.5b (1101), go to the Updates tab of Preferences (Command-comma) and select the checkbox for Show cutting edge versions. You can also keep a copy of the stable version side-by-side with the cutting edge beta in case you want to use the stable release.

Thank you!
BTW: Do you have problems with copy/paste width-values in ver. 2.4.4.? I use automatic alignment, but there are still problems when I try to copy width from one glyph to several glyphs …

Coping values from one glyph to many was never supported (now it is).

Well, I still observe problems copying LSB + RSB Paste-special-values from one glyph to several others?! I have the new version of Glyphs …

Can you send me the .glyphs file and a small screencast that you are trying to do?

This should work with version 1107.

Thanks, Georg!