Canvas Mode plugin?


I’ve been using the app for a while now but I’m quite new to plugins and scripts.

I’m in the process of creating three separate pieces of lettering and I’m wondering if there’s a part of the app or perhaps a plugin that allows access to a sketchpad or canvas where a user can develop groups of letterforms, or typographic logos, in a large open space - I am aware that if the lettering is related to a typeface I could create a ligature within that typeface for the piece of lettering, but sometimes the lettering will be unrelated to a typeface.
This also applies to when I am developing individual characters - I often like to keep a record of the previous iterations of the character as it evolves. For this, I’m picturing each glyph to have an attached canvas that could house rough sketches of the relevant character from start to finish.

Apologies if any of this has been covered in previous posts.


you can duplicate (CMD-D) the glyph you are working on to create a version timeline,
or create a new glyph called canvas area

You can duplicate the glyphs but that’s gets messy, quickly.

You can also copy the layer instead (in the layer panel). That is intended for this purpose).

To get more space, increase the width of the glyph you are working in.

I don’t like to make the canvas bigger, at least not much. When you don’t need the space for your backups, it should be enough as it.