Cap Component in Arabic Slanted Baseline

I am currently designing an Arabic typeface with a slanted baseline. However, when I use a cap component for the baseline link, it causes a glitch and alters the outline of the curve. This issue is particularly prevalent in the Light Masters. I have attached some screenshots for reference. Is there any solution to this bug? I am on the latest stable version Glyphs 3.1.2 (3151).

Can you send me that file?

Try the different alignment options of the cap.

Alternatively, and a little more straight-forward, you can try a _segment component.

The problem was resolved by switching from a Cap to a Segment component. Thank you, Rainer! It might be a good idea to update the Learn webpage article on creating Arabic fonts and include this helpful tip.

This Problem appears now upon exporting the fonts with Autohint on.

Can you set the glyph “_segment.baseline” to not export?

It can’t be hinted, as it’s an open path. You don’t want to export it anyway (as Georg pointed out).