Capital ß and its Practical Problems

Hello All
I Do all step by step
In this step
sub @Uppercase germandbls’ @Uppercase by germandbls.calt;
sub @Uppercase @Uppercase germandbls’ by germandbls.calt;

MakeOTF error
Error "Glyph “germandbls.calt” not in font (featMapGName2GID)
Error "Glyph “germandbls.calt” not in font (featMapGName2GID)

Can help me please

Do you have a glyph titled “germandbls.calt”? You should have duplicated the “Germandbls” glyph and renamed it “germandbls.calt” – the case is important in naming your glyphs.

Edit: for extra clarity I am attaching my “germandbls” glyphs. You can see I have two uppercase ones, one titled “Germandbls” and one titled “germandbls.calt”. The feature you are trying to write requires the .calt glyph to be in your font.


Hello I generate glyph Germandbls 1e9e and germandbls 00df

Great, but you are still missing a glyph named “germandbls.calt” – that is what the error is telling you. Look at my screenshot again and read the names carefully. The capital glyph is duplicated, the name is lowercase and has the suffix “.calt”. The suffix of “.calt” is crucial for your feature to compile correctly.

Go back to this helpful link and re-read the section titled “OpenType Solution”.

All done thank you very much!
Germandbls=germandbls.calt - this command don’t generate first time

Glad you got it to work. :slight_smile: