Caps and Corners


I like the idea of and components – it is very elegant. But I miss a smart components usability. Is this a big deal to add some kind of interpolation functionality?

H stem is usually wider then N stem, and it would be great to have an ability to adjust _cap. component with a slider.

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You can attach smart components using anchors. Also, I think in normal circumstances you only need two stem widths and don’t need to interpolate anything, do you?

Yes, I know I can use smart components. In fact I can use smart components in every situation instead of _caps and _corners.

But, in a situation when I use _cap for horizontal endings of E, in very bold (Black) weights I need to make arms a little bit thinner.

Or maybe I use it wrong? Maybe _caps are meant to be used only with vertical stems? I don’t know…

Sometimes it is possible to use two corners instead of one cap. They are more flexible with with stem width.

Caps only really work well with fixed stem widths. The Fit option only works in some circumstances.

Ah I didn’t notice this option. Sometimes it acts in a strange way. But for small optical corrections will do. Great. Thanks!