Caret Mode - Tabbing

When in caret mode, is there a shortcut to activate the LSB (font info) with the keyboard?

No. Why do you need it?

Was fixing the floating points in the bounding box and I would have preferred to use only the keyboard. My shoulder took a toll from all the mouse clicking, since you have to be precise due to the size of the tabs (LSB,RSB,BB)

Have you considered Paths > Round Coordinates?

I haven’t, it is a good a place to start. I just thought there might be a shortcut to get down there.

There are a few reasons why the side bearing have fractional vales. One is if you miss an extreme point or if the extreme point is not rounded.
If you manually set the side bearings all that happens is that the coordinates of all nodes are touched and thous rounded. So running the rounding as Rainer suggested will do the trick just fine. Or, if you really what to set the bearings, use the spacing shortcuts and change it one unit back and forth.

Hey, Georg. I read a comment of yours a few months back and I know about the side bearings, but I didn’t know about the BB. So I needed to correct quite a few bounding boxes while keeping either LSB or RSB intact, thus my question.

I still don’t really understand your problem. Can you send me the .glyphs file?

Maybe for a time when I really hit hard against the wall. For now I am all done after manually setting about 700+ glyphs [smile]

But if you are still wondering, I was trying to end up with a bounding box of let’s say 500 instead of 500.23, but if I edited the the BB directly and type 500 the RSB will be decreased by 0.23. This was fine for some cases, but not for others, since I needed the RSB on some to be exact, so I had to take this out of the LSB instead (which resulted in a few extra clicks) and I needed a backup shortcut (for convenience and to avoid the mouse clicking).

I still don’t get it. Can you please send me the .glyphs file?
You should not need to do something 700 times. Than you either do something wrong or need to write a script.