Caret positions missing from certain instances when exporting

Hi all,

I am having difficulty exporting a font that has caret positions added for all ligatures in all masters. Two of the styles, semibold and bold, seem not to have any caret positions in their gdef table when exporting:

SemiBold is an interpolated instance; Bold is a master. As you can see, all other exported instances are fine.

I’ve tested it in Glyphs 2 and 3 (latest version) and with CFF and TT exports; they all have the same problem.

I don’t see anything funny (e.g. a custom parameter) in the instance definitions for SemiBold and Bold that might be causing this.

Exactly the same also happens for the italic version of the font.

What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance!

Can you send me the file?

Sure, I’ve just sent you the files by email.
Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the quick response, I oversaw the bracket layers that were missing the anchors :confused:

The ligatures have bracket layers and those don’t have the anchors.