Caroncomb.alt name

I’ve got a caroncomb.alt for the Lcaron, dcaron and tcaron.
Should it be called something else to get picked up in the locl features?
What is best practice on exporting the comb and glyphs?

Why do you want it to be included in the locl feature?

I wondered if there was an automatic script to place the caron with L, d, t via keyboard when language was set to Slovakian or Czech.

No other languages that I know of use these characters, but with ˇ. Therefore the only design of the characters included in fonts are the of the vertical form, and hence no special actions are needed on our nor no users’ part.

@clauseggers Thank you.
WRT best practice on exporting comb and glyphs or not, what that’s the consensus?

What are you referring to? Combining diacritics? Please use correct terminology – especially here in the forum where we are trying to help each other.

If your question is referring to combining marks (acutecomb, dieresiscomb, etc.), then definitely export those, so that they can be used to build glyphs not necessarily in your font (or covered by Unicode). Remember to keep your ccmp feature updated.

@SCarewe Great, thanks