Carriage return on preview panel

The carriage return width is not interpolated when I have an instance selected for the preview panel, which causes the text to jump around when I change masters. Here is a video that demonstrates this issue:

I’m on 2.4.1 (983)

You’re misunderstanding what’s going on. The CR width is never seen in use. It’s just a control character indicating a line break. What’s actually happening is that Glyphs replaces CRs with spaces in the Preview panel since it doesn’t support more than one line. The problem is that it uses the space character from the master currently selected in the toolbar, not the space character from the instance you select from the Preview panel popup menu.

Yes, I’m aware that Glyphs replaces the carriage return with spaces for display purposes only. Having said that, I believe it should take the space width for the current instance so the text does not jump around when changing masters. This is a minor cosmetic bug.