Case Accents for ĥ ĺ‽

I think ĥ, ĺ and similar lowercase letters with ascender should use case accents when available‽

Yes, this would be great. Unfortunately adding .case to the definition in GlyphData.xml does not work.

Glyphs does not force you to use its decomposition defaults. And as new defaults, separate .h and .l or .ascender variants would be preferable, no?

Mekkablue, can you be more specific? Is there a way how to build lacute from l + automatically using Cmd+Shift+Alt+C?


No. There is no info in the database that says if the glyph has an ascender.
I could check the bounding box of the drawing but that might be misleading. But it might produce more good then bad results.

I posted a new script in my github repository, Modify Components, which allows you to add suffixes to the component names. This should address the issue.

Thanks, mekkablue.

Anyway, wouldn’t be easier to respect the “.case” suffix in custom GlyphData.xml? Why Glyphs ignore “.case” suffix for custom lower case decomposition?

glyph unicode=“013A” name=“lacute” decompose=“l,” category=“Letter” subCategory=“Lowercase” script=“latin” description=“LATIN SMALL LETTER L WITH ACUTE”

There is a support for suffices (caroncomb.alt) so why not to support the case suffix as well?

I had to change the componentize algorithm a bit but it works now. Are there any other candidates?

Georg, thank you very much! It works.
(I think, any scripts would be to laborious. I would rather just change them by hand.)

I quickly browsed through the unicode latin tables and found some more accented ascender glyphs.
(This doesn’t claim to be complete.)
ǩ 01E9
ȟ 021F
ḱ 1E31
ḣ 1E23
ḧ 1E27
ḹ 1E39
ẛ 1E9B
ḟ 1E1F

That sounds like I could use it someday. But rather for somethings different …