Case-Sensitive Forms subs .tosf by .lf

I noticed the Feature auto-generates code resulting in the .tosf being substituted by .lf instead of .tf:

sub zero.tosf by zero.lf;
sub one.tosf by one.lf;
sub two.tosf by two.lf;
sub three.tosf by three.lf;
sub four.tosf by four.lf;
sub five.tosf by five.lf;
sub six.tosf by six.lf;
sub seven.tosf by seven.lf;
sub eight.tosf by eight.lf;
sub nine.tosf by nine.lf;

Is this because I created the glyphs in a weird order or is it Glyph’s unintended behaviour?

That numbers sets do you have (other than the .tosf and .lf) and what are your default numbers?

There was a discussion about the numbers features recently: Issue with .tosf

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Thank you for the answer!
Apparently, there never was a problem with Glyphs (even WITH .lf figures), I just didn’t understand how the onum and case features worked :melting_face:
Also, the problem seems to be with Affinity Designer, which overrides tnum with proportional numbers when you toggle All Caps