Cedilla comb design question


How would you solve this anchor/cedilla problem in a very contrasted master?


With a smart component, or two different versions of the cedillacomb.


If I’m in a lazy mood, I might just move the C anchor down off the baseline.


Convert the cedilla to outlines and change the stem length. You don’t have to use components for everything.


Thanks all!! All the options seem valid to me. I will try not to be lazy :smiley:


It is worth mentioning that it’s often discouraged to combine components and paths (which you’re suggesting), as that increases the likeliness of misalignment occurring. In this example, if any adjustments are made to the /C, the positioning of the cedilla may be off which could be hard to catch if the /C only shifted a couple of units.

So preserving components in this case would help ensure the cedilla is always aligned as intended.


If you want to solve the issue the Glyphs way, you can make cedilla a smart component.


This also happens with hairline sans serif designs.