Certain characters (J, U and W) axes not working when exported

I am working on a variable font with a height axes, and ran into a little issue when I exported it as a variable font file.

There is an issue with the J, U, and W interpolating in Illustrator. But when I double checked those characters in Glyphs they seem to interpolate just fine?

Anyone have any idea why that might be?

(The font is only capital letters at the moment)

Also attached a screen shot for reference.

Have you tried it in a web browser? This is most likely a Illustrator bug.

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Not yet, I am not sure how to do that.

Is there a direction you could point me to so I could figure out how to test it in a browser?

Thank you!

The Creating a Variable Font tutorial has links to some places to test in Step 5: Export and Test Your Variable Font.

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