Change bad path direction manually

Is there a way to manually change the path direction? I’m working on a font with 2 masters and I can’t get the ‘x’ to work. The ‘Correct Path Direction’ option is not working. I see the problem, but I just can’t seem to get the starting points to align.
I can set the ‘first point’ but this doesn’t change the way the paths are connected. Since my ‘x’ has 3 paths, it keep connection the wrong paths together. I would like to manually connect paths in both masters.

Select a paths and choose “Reverse Selected Contours” from the context menu.

Sorry, that didn’t help. It changes the direction of the path, but doesn’t connect it to the right path of the other master. The paths stay connected in the same way:
1 to 1
2 to 3
3 to 2
I want to change the connections of the second and third paths.

Dino do Santos came up with the solution. This worked like a charm:

@Characters I usually do it manually by selecting one of the paths (2) then cut and paste and it will become 3

Georg, perhaps a ‘Path Order’ feature would be practical? A way to determine to order of the paths yourself, in case something goes wrong or you ‘need’ to change it to make it work for that particular glyph.

It’s just an idea. :wink:

I agree, the cut and paste method to reorder paths has always felt like a kludge

We were discussing this for some time but didn’t come up with a solution that was actually faster and easier than copy paste…

I wonder if something patterned after Illustrator’s Bring to Front/Bring Forward/Send Backward/Send to Back function could work.

That's how Fontlab works. It's not always the best option with glyph that has a lot of paths, but otherwise I think it's more efficient than copy/paste/delete/repeat.