Change Case buttons

Hi, I’ve got my license running on two Macs: MacMini and MacBook Pro, both with MacOS 11.2.3 and Glyphs 3.0.3 (3076).
In some cases I notice different editing behaviours between both computers, for example regarding the “Change Case” buttons: On the MacBook the button “Title” sets all first letters of the sample string into uppercase (as it should be, I suppose), on the MacMini only the very first letter of the sample string changes to uppercase. How can I fix this?
However, “Change Case” is a wonderful improvement!
Thanks, Ekke

Can you check the macro window, if there are any messages?

Title text!
Title text!
Title text!

Or do you mean sth different?

I meant the lower part of this window:

Yes, that’s the place where “Title text!” appears several times. No other messages

Thank you for fixing it with the 3077 update!

I think this was an old version of the plug-in. Restarting Glyphs (or un- and reinstalling through Plugin Manager) updated the plug-in.