Change hot keys / shortcuts to common tools?

I know this has been asked before, but it’s something that prevents me from using Glyphs more actively in my workflow, so here it is again…

Is there a way to change hot keys / shortcuts for common tools?

Ideally, I would match the primary tools to my RoboFont hot keys: 1 for selelection, 2 for pen, 3 for slicing, 4 for rulers, etc.

I spend most of my time in RoboFont, but I also value Glyphs a lot for some drawing tasks. For instance, right now, I am drawing some lettering for a logo, and the responsiveness of Glyphs is really helpful! But, I keep messing up the hotkeys, like always.

I appreciate that Glyphs has the right design decision of default hot keys for folks coming in from tools like Illustrator, Sketch, etc. However, I love when tools are set to number keys because they are right there next to one another, so I don’t have to look & aim while changing from V to P and back.

In the code editor world, it’s really common for editors to have the ability to map their hotkeys to layouts users are used to in other apps. E.g. Atom has the ability to use Sublime hotkeys, VS Code has the ability to use Atom hotkeys, and I think probably all of them can do one another, as these are just extensions put together by users.

I know that in the past, you have suggested that the app Ukelele could be used for alternate keyboard layouts, but obviously because I spend lots of my time typing test words & phrases, it seems non-ideal to have V & P mapped to number keys.

As always, thanks for making & supporting a wonderful app!

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Yes. There’s a script for that in the mekkablue scripts, look in the App submenu.

I just wanted to say that t’d be nice to be able to change Glyphs 3 lasso tool shortcut with this script <3