Change Instances preview text

Is it possible to change the text in the Instances tab in Font Info, from the default ‘Aang126’ to something else? Especially for non-latin scripts!


Not yet.

Hey guys! I wonder if this could be a Custom Parameter for an instance? I.e. previewText: (string).

Currently working with a limited glyph set, establishing multiple masters and exploring interpolation options. Would be neat to customise the preview text. I know I could place existing glyphs as components in glyphs like ‘Aang126’ as a fix, but wondering how simple (or useful) it could be to implement something like this as a parameter?


It’s already there. The custom parameter for the Instances tab of Font Info (Command-I) is called: Instance Preview
The value for that parameter is a list. So, enter each glyph name on a separate line in the pop up, e.g., to use


This is mentioned in sections 7.3.7 Instance Preview and 17.3 Custom Parameters of the Glyphs 2.3 Handbook:


Oh that’s great, thanks so much for the heads up, @composerjk. I did try that one, but didn’t try a glyph per line, so didn’t think it worked. Many thanks.