Change keyboard shortcut for RSB metrics

Dear Georg, Rainer,

I have assigned command+arrows for changing between glyphs.
Is it possible to attribute then alt+arrows for changing RSB metrics?


That is not easily possible. Why not use a keyboard shortcut that is not taken already. Like cmd+up/down? Or stick to the original one? Do you have a compact or extended keyboard?

I am used to use this shortcut in many applications, switching between glyphs, pages etc, for years now, so I would like to keep it. I have an extended keyboard at the office, otherwise compact on laptop.

On the laptop, you can use FN+left/right already. I only use compact keyboards on desktop to have the exact same keyboard layout as on the MacBook.

And what apps use cmd+left/right?

In other apps, Cmd-left/right is for jumping at the beginning/end of a line, not for switching.

Also, how would you differentiate the kerning shortcuts then? They are the same except for an additional Alt key.

Probably it comes from Safari (prev, next URL), whatever I am used to it. No matter, I will try otherwise, thanks.