Change otf/ttf font family name

Hey! It’s not about Glyphs app, but I’d appreciate any help.

Is there a way to just change the font family name for the earlier generated variable font file?

I know I can use fonttools/ttx to convert to ttx, manually edit the ‘name’ table, and generate a new ttf. But it’s not about just change. I can’t believe there’s no tool that can keep the font file the same, but just edit the font family name a bit.

P. S. A few words about why I need this. I have several previous versions of the typeface designed by me. Sometimes I need to install them on macOS and do not mess with names in Font Book, etc.

Why not regenerate from source with a new family name in Font Info?

Because for some of them I do not have a source.

Of course, I have saved some versions milestones, but not for every interim ttf. Usually, they are kind of huge almost-major versions steps or design experiments, like this:


Then TTX is probably your best option because you can script it.

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There is also this ready-made script:

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Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: worked just great:

Thank you again!