Changeable colors in variable fonts


I am working on a variable font about traffic lights and worms. And I want to add 3 colors for a traffic light and 4th for the contour. And I’m okay with that — it’s done by using Color Palette.

But is it possible to give an ability for the end-user to change contour color (or in general all colors are ideal) in Adobe apps/Figma/anywhere?


That is not supported by those apps (yet?).

You can use the * color. It will use whatever color the user applied to that text.

So the only thing I can do is the single one color for all of the glyph? As I said, I was using *Color Palette, now I added *Color for the contour. It’s worked in FontGauntlet, but not working in Figma. So now it’s not working in FontGauntlet.
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