":-)" changes into new glyphs possible?

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Recently started using glyphs so i’m new and will probably not use the correct wording for things. I actually made a complete typeface with a lot of just trying things that ‘works’ to my standards. And now I would like to have the thing where when typing “:-)” it changes into an actual smiley that I designed.

Is that possible? And does my question makes sense haha, if not please let me know.

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That’s quite possible. The easiest way is to name the smiley glyph a combination of the typing characters used with a bit of formatting, thus: colon_hyphen_parenright.liga

(if you take out .liga, the glyphs occurrence becomes optional and the user needs to choose Discretionary Ligatures feature option to activate. By adding .liga, it becomes automatic)

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Thanks Tosche, now that I wanted to test it and export I got a new problem.
It says “Something went wrong with the remove overlap filter”. Is there a way to test this inside the glyphs app then i’ll park this export problem for later haha

Which glyph has a problem? Usually there is just one node at a place that Glyphs cannot process quite well, and all I need to do (for now) is to try moving them by a unit or two.

Also I forgot to mention that the newly renamed glyph won’t take effect until you update the OpenType feature: Go to font info > Features, and click update ad the bottom left.

Hmm doesnt seem to work. Also can’t find the “Features” to click update. I’m working in Glyphs Mini. Is it possible to share the file with you?

In the case of Mini, I believe the app updates the features for you. The overlap removal error is a separate issue, but I sure can help you if you share the file! You can DM me or post it here.

Hey Tosche,

Too new to upload, does this work: https://we.tl/t-6rbru6B8lQ

Kind regards, and thanks for helping out :slight_smile:

Upload is this button :slight_smile:

Thanks for the file. It didn’t give me an remove overlap error, but your design doesn’t seem to require removal of overlaps anyway. Maybe you can simply disable that option for this particular font (at the export dialog).

I appriciate your help so much. By disabling the option while exporting it created a new error now: “No file was created.” Any idea what to do next?

Ah sorted! I just needed to update haha.