Changing EM scales Italic Angle value

Easy to fix bug: When changing the EM, the metrics values of the masters are scaled along with the rest, which is good. But the given Italic Angle value is scaled too, which is bad.

This is fixed in 3.0.5. Are you using 3.0.4?

Looking at the bin I see that between 26 March and yesterday I was using “Glyphs 3 (3120).app”.

The file that revealed the bug has “slnt” axis from 0 to -20, with half the masters having value 0 and the other half 20 as italic angle, which was scaled to 40.

How exactly did you change your UPM? I cannot reproduce it.

My reproduction with 3122:

Go to General area of the Font panel.
Click on the two arrows, right of the Units Per EM field.
In the prompt change 1000 into 2000 and OK.
Go the the Masters panel and find that the Italic Angle values which were 20 are now 40.

I can’t reproduce that in 3122. Can you send me the file that you used to test this?

I’ll send the file.

With some experimentation I can confirm that it is possible to change the EM without changing the italic angle value. It is not that I spend much of my days changing EM’s. But the first time with Glyphs 3 I discovered.

1: open the file and then open the fonts panel and change the EM, without doing anything else, then the italic angle values are scaled.

2: open the file, open the masters panel and click on one of the slanted masters, before opening the fonts panel and change the EM, then the italic angle values are NOT changed.

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I fixed it. Thanks.