Changing glyph names and updating feature code

Is there any discussion on this or can you advise how best to do this . . .
I want to change glyph suffixes (i.e. .small to .sc). Will Glyphs update all the occurances in Classes and Feature code? Is there an option to do this when I search and replace?

If the code is auto generated (and for the small caps that would be a good idea) you need to update the code. Other than that, you need to search/replace yourself.

There’s no ability to do this but for a range of glyphs?

That looks like someone else’s script or plugin.

For simply renaming glyphs, there’s Edit > Find > Find and Replace (Shift-Command-F).

For something like changing the glyphs from .small suffixes to .sc, I’d select all the glyphs I wanted to change (or all the glyphs), use Find and Replace (Shift-Command-F), entering .small in the Find field and .sc in the Replace field.

That doesn’t help with the OpenType features, of course. But, if you’re moving to Glyphs autogenerated features based on naming, then it may not matter for some features.