Changing Masters doesn't correspond with correct selection in Layers Palette

See this video
I’m clicking around the buttons at the top but it jumps around and is not correct. It’s the same if I use Alt+[0…9]

Can you send me the file?


Related to master switching:

I’d request that Cmd+1 always activated the first master, no matter which layer I might have previously selected manually. If I want to switch between layers in a non-synchronized way then I use the layers palette but if I use Cmd+1 I simply want to switch to that master (same for Cmd+2 etc, of course).

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About the original problem. I could not reproduce it. Does it still happen if you save, close and reopen the file?

About the manually set masters. That would it make very difficult to compare different master next to each other.

Can you explain? How does one compare different masters next to each other? Why would that become more difficult?

It doesn’t happen anymore now when I reopened the file today

You could type the same glyph several times and then assign a master to some of them. Then you can switch the remaining glyphs by cmd+1…

Why would you want to switch the remaining glyphs?

E.g., if you what to compare a brace layer to the masters.

If you what to compare a brace layer to the masters you don’t need Cmd+1, do you? Sorry, I still don’t see a realistic scenario in which the current behaviour is better, and I see a lot of uses in which it would be be better to always make Cmd+1 switch to the first master.

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Just to say, I’ve had the same non-syncing Master/Layer selection happening. When I go back to the first Master and top layer they sync up again but often go out of sync.