Changing the leading

Hello guys!

I made an uppercase font and I want to change the standard leading. So I’ve changed the value of descender in ‘font info’ and everything seemed to be ok but in illustrator it is bigger

Can you help me with this, please?


Apps calculate the distance between lines in different ways. In AI the leading is set by the user, not the font.

Hey, thanks for your answer!

But there no way to actually change the standard leading from glyphs?

if i check arial in illustrator and texedit, it has two different leading, which would make sense if what you were syaing about different programs calculating leadings in different ways, but my font stays consistent no matter where i try it. so in textedit it has the same leading as in illustrator.

even if i try setting the descender to a lower value and making the lines collpase with one another on purpose for test purposes, nowhere that i’m trying the font out is that actually happening.

Thanks again!

Again, Illustrator has no default leading, it is set by the user in the Character Palette. The only thing in the font taken into account is the first baseline offset in an area text object. And even there, you can choose between several settings in Type > Area Type Options > Offset > First Baseline.

Default leading in TextEdit is mainly determined by the hhea values. See this for more details: