Changing vector depenent on kerning

hello! this may already be a thread, but i was wondering whether it’s possible to have multiple versions of one letter that you can select dependent on which letter comes after it?

i’m working on a handwritten font where some letters connect, and the connection between the E and the M doesn’t work properly because of the different thicknesses of the letters. is it possible to make an alternative M that i could use only in this sequence? an M that is thinner at the end so it can connect better with the E?

apologies if that was confusing.

Yes you can do that with OpenType features.
Add your alternate m in a glyph called “m.alt” for exemple. Then in the Features part of the Font Info panel (cmd+I) add a calt feature and write this:
sub e m' by m.alt;

You can test it in your glyph view by activating “Contextual Alternates” in the bottom left corner of the screen.

You can do it, as Jeremie says, but I advise you to unify the connection thickness (and height) as much as possible because using alternates can increase your glyph set of the font exponentially and it will quickly get out of control. That simplification process is part of typeface design :smile:

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