Character not interpolating in variable font

Hi guys, I’m writing because I’ve been trying to make the braces for some characters on a variable font I’m making but I’m having problems with the interpolation when exporting the variable file, I know that I’m making a silly mistake but I can’t manage to figure out where it is, could you guys help me? Attached I’m sending three captures of the file with the braces config for you to check it out.
Thank you very much in advance!!

What is the expected behavior and what is happening instead?

I wonder if it has to do with the parts that are overlapping in the condensed master. I’ve had trouble with individual glyphs not interpolating/variating with the others, when overlaps vary between masters.

Overlaps should not matter as they are not removed or anything.

Mekka the substitution is working as intended when I export the static versions of the font, the drawing of the condensed “G” is substituted by the drawing of the second “G” in the width axis. The problem comes when I try to export the variable file and it says “G” is not compatible.


@Bendy Yes I think it could be related to this.
@GeorgSeifert I know is probably a silly mistake but I can manage to find where I’m going wrong.

If they are interpreted as outside corners it causes problems; at least redrawing those in my variable font allowed it to work properly.

Yes I think I need to try to redraw them to fix the problem.

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

File sent Georg, thank you very much for taking a look at it.

Add a “Enforce Compatibility Check” parameter in font info > font to display the warning.

The compressed masters have a different structure then the rest. You need to keep the same structure throughout or use bracket layers.

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Will do Georg, thank you very much or your help!