Characters appearing differently/wrong after export


I am fairly new to Glyphs and I’m experiencing an issue around the export of my font where some characters have been distorted and appear differently in the .otf compared to the finished character in Glyphs. See image below: the ‘M’ has ‘burst’ on the top right and the 4’s lines have become very wavy and unclean, little discrepancies like this have happened throughout the entire typeface.

If anyone has any advice on what I may be doing wrong or if there is a fix to this, I would greatly appreciate it. Many thanks

How did you draw the characters? It looks like you opened a TTF in Glyphs – the curves in your screenshot from Glyphs are quadratic, not cubic.

Try running Path > Other > Convert to Cubic with all paths selected. Then re-export.

Or export as TTF. That keeps the original outlines.