Check for overlap removal issues before export

I have a font with 2 masters. I’m able to export all the instances without removing overlaps and it works fine. When I turn on remove overlap, I get the error:

Something went wrong when Removing Overlap in glyph: <glyph-name>.

The message is helpful enough and I am able to fix the issue in the given glyph. However, this font, with some automation done with noodler, has too many of this problems and Glyphs only repots the first glyph with the issue and stops.

Is there a way to check all the glyphs in the font for overlap problem so I can fix them all before exporting? I can manually check but it’s taking too much time.

Generate an instance and then step through the glyphs in Edit View. If you see the remove overlap preview outline, it should be fine.

I’ll see if I can collect all glyphs to show them in the error message.

That is what I ended up doing. Just that I had to go back to the masters to edit. Yes, it’ll be helpful if all the glyphs can be shown in the error message. Thank you!

And could you send me some of the offending outlines? Maybe I can fix the remove overlap code?

I fixed it. Will now show all problematic glyphs.

Awesome. Thanks, Georg. I’ll send you samples when I see them again.