Choosing Ligatures


I am making an all-uppercase display font that includes all characters from the central and Western European character sets on top of the standard alphabet.

People have told me that “the sky is the limit” about the possibilities for creating ligatures for letters that don’t work well together. As a type designer, are there any rules of thumb to follow when considering which ligatures to include in a font?

I have also heard that ligatures are only necessary for small text and that making ligatures for a display font is a waste of time. Is this true?

Any guidance or advice would be much appreciated,

You will get more feedback if you post your question at They have a Design category and a large number of type designers frequent the site.

The rule of thumb is that in most cases ligatures drag attention*, which might be interesting or annoying depending on the typeface. Is that a waste of time? If your typeface is meant for a wide audience, then most will ignore everything that is not on the keyboard. If the audience is designers, and the typeface is promoted as an OT-features-based playground, then it’s probably worth it.

*Except classic ligatures in classic serif typefaces

A font can contain 64000 glyphs. So that is your limit.


I would say the opposite. Ligatures are mostly a display thing. As you are making an all caps font, add as many ligatures as you like.

It really depends on what you want to do with your ligatures. Can you show an example of what you have in mind?

I never do them unless they’re inherent to the design.

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