Circled numbers not showing on Word

Good evening everyone !

I’m working on a font and a bug appeared on microsoft word (PC) and the circled numbers displayed (from 21 and beyond) are from an other font. How can I fix that?

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IMG_9207.pdf (157.8 KB)

what happens when you copy one of those numbers into the Edit View? I suspect, nothing will happen. Then copy it into the “Generate Glyphs” dialog and hit “Generate”. It will give you the glyphs that are needed for those unicodes.

The weird thing is that they all have unicodes, except for the ones from 51 to 99.

My bet is that either between 20 and 21, you have an invisible character for which you do not have a corresponding glyph in the font; or the circled 21 in your font doesn’t have a Unicode assigned. And trying the Unicode causes Word to fall back to another font.

The circled numbers in Unicode are meant as list markers in CJK texts.