Circumflex with dotbelow

hi all—I ran into a small problem with creating some glyphs using a circumflex and a dotbelow yesterday that I hadn’t sen before, Version 2.6.1 (1226).

in glyphs where anchors are placed correctly in both base glyph and components, the circumflex popped into place at the origin point, but showing values in the info panel reflecting negative values for placement. couldn’t suss it out. see screenshot. it’s only happening with this particular combination of accents, and hasn’t before, so I suspected it might be a mistake on your end unless you see something I’m missing. thanks!

What about the dot? Is it a mirrored dotaccent? Perhaps it provides the top for the circumflex to sit upon. Either reorder the dot to last position in Filter > Fix Compatibility or use a proper dotbelowcomb (no components in that glyph, and no top anchors).

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that was exactly it, thanks so much. I didn’t even think to look into the dotaccent’s anchors.

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